Creativity has been at the heart of my full and expressive life. In my early years I was a performing musician within the English traditional folk movement. For my first degree I studied ceramics at Harrow School of Art in the late 60's and I was privileged to be there at the zenith of a course which was originally established by Bernard Leach and Shoi Hamada. Together these two re-established the dying English and Japanese pottery traditions in each other's country. During the 70's and 80's I taught ceramics at several art schools and at the same time started to engage with Buddhism, studied yoga and completed a three year professional training as a Zen Shiatsu practitioner. In my late 40's I took refuge and entered into a more formal relationship with Buddhism.

In the 90's I studied and worked at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, training to become an individual/ group psychotherapist and graduated with an MA. I continued with post graduate studies at the Institute, working as a teacher and supervisor for a further eight years, and became part of the academic board. Since leaving the Institute I run process groups and supervise at two London Universities, whilst maintaining a private psychotherapy practice, including supervision and Lifespan Integration.

20ish years ago I discovered Tibetan Thangka painting an inspirational, ancient and detailed craft. For me it was an immediate heart connection, an opportunity to bring my spiritual practice and creativity together. I began my apprenticeship with Andy Weber a renowned Thangka painter. Andy travels all over the world teaching Dharma through the art of Thangka painting and lives in the UK. Over the years I have continued to explore and practice this spiritual art form as a daily meditation practice, and have created a small collection of paintings. To complement my Thangka painting practice I have also studied miniature painting with the artist Zahra Hassan. I have worked with Zahra learning about the history and tradition of these ancient art forms. Studying with Zahra has helped me expand my knowledge and appreciation of traditional Indian, Mughal Persian Painting techniques, which are full of the Mystical, encompassing Sufi themes full of symbolism, metaphors and allegories.

In 2009 I returned to singing and performing, initially with Cecil Sharpe House choir under the tutelage of Sally Davies.

From 2017 I've been a member of Broomdasher, a six-voice traditional acapella folk group. This feels like turning the full circle of creativity from my earliest beginnings. Together we make music with our voices, create harmonies, perform and have fun. I have also been able to harness my painting skills to produce some new botanical paintings, some of which I have published as cards to accompany our new show created from the book "The Diary of an Edwardian Lady".

Alongside my professional and artistic life, I am married and a proud mother of two grown children and four lovely grandchildren, all of whom bring life, love and lightness to my life.