Psychosynthesis, as a psycho-spiritual Psychotherapy, emphasizes personal integration and transpersonal development for one’s own well being and growth. In its most basic sense Psychosynthesis is simply a name for personal development.

In my private practice I work with my clients to address the dilemmas and conflicts that most of us suffer, and seek to alleviate. These issues are often experienced through their symptoms – such as feelings of inadequacy, being trapped, powerlessness, doubt, anger, depression and a sense of life having no meaning.

Therapy is a powerful way of getting a clear perspective on issues and effecting change in our lives.

The Psychosynthesis approach to therapy is not to see these symptoms as bad, necessitating their removal or cure, but to take a more systemic view. Symptoms carry a lot of information about what is going on at a deeper, inner level, and can be valued for alerting us to the necessity of paying attention to our inner being. Exploring symptoms in this way involves discovering what is seeking to emerge in our knowing of ourselves, and then integrating this discovery into our day to day living.

Recently I have added to my tool bag Lifespan Integration (LI) a new revolutionary approach incorporating new information from the field of Neuroscience. This new method relies on the innate ability of the body-mind to heal itself. Lifespan Integration uses a psychological technique called an "affect bridge" to find a memory which is connected to the current problem. With LI the client gains new insight and healing about lifelong patterns resultant from the past trauma.

I offer Lifespan Integration, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy and supervision in my private practice in north London.